"LMR AZENE" Ltd is founded due to consolidation of two companies - JSC "LMR" (est. 1946, Latvian Agricultural Machinery Building Plant) and JSC "AZENE" (est. 1994, Export Trade organization). We are specializing in agricultural machinery output - Solid Organic Fertilizer Spreaders, Tractor hauled Semi-Trailers and Timber Trailers. Our machines are designed for transportation and overall surface spreading of various fertilizers, ensuring application rates from 3 to 90 tons per hectare. Our Semi-trailers have lifting capacities from 5 up to 32 tons and are designed to transport various agricultural loads - grain, root-crops, sugar beets, sand, hay, etc.

Our production became popular worldwide since 1970 within Export beginning to Scandinavian, European and other countries all over the world.

Machinery is made using large workmanship experience, using high quality materials and completing parts from worldwide known reliable partners. Technical improvements ensure easy operation, high reliability and additional extras for our produced agricultural equipment as well as reasonable prices. Service available in many countries.

Ask for LMR trailers and spreaders anywhere across Europe.


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