The tractor-hauled tip Semitrailer LMR-32 is designed for transportation of various loads. The Semitrailer is equipped with a quadridem suspension (Italy) combining the advantages of balancer and spring suspensions: high maneuverability and evenness of the movement. The first and the last axles are made as steering ones. The machine can move at speed 60 km.p.h. which allows to use the machine for transporting grain over long distances. The machine is equipped with a sprung drawbar which considerably diminishes impact loads. The conical body of the Semitrailer facilitates the emptying of loads out. The machine can be equipped with a grain auger.

The Semitraler is equipped with an independent hydraulic system which works via an engine-pump device from the tractor hydraulic system. This solution ensures the following advantages: oils of tractor hydraulic system and the Semitrailer hydraulic system do not mix with each other, and there is no necessity in any PTO shaft for the drive of the hydraulic station mounted on the Semitrailer.



Load-carrying capacity (ton) 32
Body capacity (cubic m) 24
Body capacity with exstension body sides(cubic m) 40.5
Mass (kg) 11000
Maximum speed (km/h) 60
Overall dimensions, (mm):
length 11150
width 2550
height with main body sides 2600
height with exstension body sides 3380
Inner dimensions of body, (mm):
length 9500
width 2140-2240
height with main body sides 1150
height with exstension body sides 1930
Number of cylinders 1
Track (mm) 1950
Brakes 406x120
To be attached to tractors with power (kW) 160-260

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