The manure Spreader PTU-18D with lifting capacity 18 tons is designed for large farms or companies working by contracts. The machine is equipped either by 2 vertical rotor spreading device or by disk spreading device. The effective use of advantages of each type of spreading device allows the approach to solving problems with greater flexibility. The machine can be re-equipped into a semitrailer for hauling greenery(35m3). The set for re-equipping is supplied by manufacturer by request and can be easily mounted on the machine.


Load-carrying capacity (ton) 18
Volume of load to be carried (cubic m) 22
Maximum speed (km/h) 40
Spreading width (m) 16-22
Operating speed (km/h) 6-12
Loading height, according to (mm):
platform floor 1520
main body sides 2720
Mass with spreading device (kg) 7200
Dimensions, (mm):
length 9750
width 2550
height with spreading device 3260
Tyre size 600/50-22.5 or 700/40-22.5
Track (mm) 1950
Output revolutions of tractor (rpm) 1000

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