Tractor trailer tipper with 16 tonnes capacity is for transportation of all types of agricultural loads.

Trailer is equiped with mechanical suspension-tandem (Italy). Tandem allows to move on cross-country and provides comfortable movement on the roads. Three-side unloading provides more comfortable trailer usage and allows to use a trailer in rooms with low ceilings. Wide wheels allow to work on a field in high humidity.


Load-carrying capacity (ton) 16
Body capacity (cubic m) 14,5
Body capacity with exstension body sides(cubic m) 20,5
Mass (kg) 5500
Maximum speed (km/h) 40
Overall dimensions, (mm):
length 6950
width 2550
height with main body sides 2735
height with exstension body sides 3220
Inner dimensions of body, (mm):
length 5440
width 2100
height with main body sides 1300
height with exstension body sides 1785
Body lifting angle backwards (deg) 50
Body lifting angle on sides (deg) 45
Number of cylinders 1
Oil volume needed 23
Track (mm) 1950

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