The manure spreader with lifting capacity 20 tons is designed for fertilizing fields by solid manure. The machine is equipped by tridem wheel suspension with two steering axles for better maneuverability and less pressure on soil. The machine is designed for large farms and companies-contractors rendering services in treatment and fertilization of fields by contract. 
Can be transformed into high-capacity (40m3) trailer for haylage and green mass carriage.


Load-carrying capacity (ton) 20
Volume of load to be carried (cubic m) 24
Maximum speed (km/h) 40
Spreading width (m) 12-14
Operating speed (km/h) 6-12
Loading height, according to (mm):
platform floor 1540
main body sides 2780
Mass with spreading device (kg) 8000
Dimensions, (mm):
length 9970
width 2550
height with spreading device 3180
Tyre size 600/50-22.5; 700/40-22.5
Track (mm) 1950
Brakes 406x120
Brakes drive pneumatic or hydraulic
Hydraulic tailgate yes
Conveyor drive hydraulic: reduction gear
Output revolutions of tractor (rpm) 1000

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