PTU-10S - semitrailer is designed for greenery (hay, grass, etc) transportation, based on the spreader PTU-10. When mounting the extension body sides the trailer of 10 t lifting capacity has 25 m of body capacity. Back unloading of load is realized with the hydraulically operated conveyor. To re-accomplish PTU-10 into haylagetrailer it is necessary to dismount:spreading device, tailgate, front net body side, drive cardans; to install: lateral high body sides, body side, laterals, new tailgate, couplings; to attach: hydraulic cylinders of the tailgate.  Previous title PTU-6.0/14S.


Load-carrying capacity (ton) 10
Volume of load to be carried (cubic m) 25
Maximum speed (km/h) 30
Loading height, according to (mm):
Dimensions, (mm):
length 6950
width 2380
Tyre size 500/50-17; 550/45-22.5
Track (mm) 1900
Brakes 300x60
Brakes drive pneumatic or hydraulic
Hydraulic tailgate yes
To be attached to tractors with power (kW) 70-80

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