The tractor-hauled tip semitrailer LMR 10T with 10 (12) t lifting capacity and with 3-way unloading. Hydraulic cylinder and ball-type supports ensure trailer's rear unloading, as well as left- and right-side unloading. The trailer can be equipped with 60 cm extra body sides to carry lightweight high bulky loads.


Load-carrying capacity (ton) 10-12
Body capacity (cubic m) 7
Body capacity with exstension body sides(cubic m) 14
Mass (kg) 4000
Maximum speed (km/h) 40
Overall dimensions, (mm):
length 6700
width 2480
height with main body sides 1950
height with exstension body sides 2550
Inner dimensions of body, (mm):
length 4910
width 2260
height with main body sides 600
height with exstension body sides 1205
Body lifting angle backwards (deg) 50
Body lifting angle on sides (deg) 45
Number of cylinders 1
Tyre size 385/65R-22.5
Track (mm) 1900
Brakes 300x60
Brakes drive pneumatic or hydraulic
Drawbar rigid
Drawbar support rigid or jack with adjustable height
To be attached to tractors with power (kW) 75-95

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