Slurry tanker T-11C was designed especially for liquid manure spreading. The machine is purposed for large farms having introduced new technologies on collection, storage and application of organic fertilizers. Slurry hawoling and mixing accomplished by pump which is placed at the front of tanker. Spreading is realizing due to special baffle placed in rear of the tanker.


Volume of load to be carried (cubic m) 11
Spreading width (m) 9-15
Operating speed (km/h) 40
Loading height (mm) 3000
Mass (kg) 4000
Dimensions, (mm):
length 7500
width 2500
height 3000
Tyre size 22/70-20
Track (mm) 2000
Brakes 350x60
Brakes drive pneumatic or hydraulic
To be attached to tractors with power (kW) 100-110

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