The solid organic manure spreader PTU-10B is a modification of the machine PTU-10A. The two-rotor spreading device with vertical disposition of rotors is mounted on the machine. The two-rotor spreading device provides the better crushing of fertilizers, the greater width of spreading and better uniformity of fertilizer spreading owing to disk plates with the diameter 900 mm and blades with height 100 mm which are mounted on the lower part of the rotors. By its technical qualities such a spreading device featuring higher reliability and longevity is more powerful than the usual four-rotor spreading device. This machine has stood the test in Germany with DLG. The results of the testing could be seen in the table below. Can be transformed into high-capacity (25m3) trailer for haylage and green mass carriage.  Previous title PTU-6.0/14B.


Load-carrying capacity (ton) 10
Volume of load to be carried (cubic m) 13
Maximum speed (km/h) 30
Spreading width (m) 12-14
Operating speed (km/h) 6-12
Loading height, according to (mm):
platform floor 1375
main body sides 2420
Mass with spreading device (kg) 3800
Dimensions, (mm):
length 6688
width 2380
height with spreading device 2685
Tyre size 500/50-17; 550/45-22.5
Track (mm) 1900
Brakes 300x60
Brakes drive pneumatic or hydraulic
Hydraulic tailgate yes
Conveyor drive hydraulic: reduction gear
Output revolutions of tractor (rpm) 540
To be attached to tractors with power (kW) 90-100

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